Our Services

First Aid Grocery

This service was made to fit your needs and make your arrival and first grocery trip easier. We know sometimes arrival are stressful , and by the time you arrive it’s not the best time to do your grocery shopping, so you can count on us to do the shopping for you and it will be waiting for you in your vacation home.

Celebration Surprises

Want to celebrate a special occasion while on vacation, we have different packages you can choose from a B-day or an Anniversaries?! Leave it to us ! We will get the house ready for you and everything u need to make special.

Holiday Decorations

Experience the holiday festivities during your vacation. We have any holiday decorations to get the house ready for you.


Why waste your time cleaning? Let us help you to keep the house clean and pleasant for your stay. We can do an estimate for you. Just inform us as to what you prefer: once or twice a week, every day, or whenever you might need us.

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